FAQ & Maintenance

Unpack the Box

Your Aerospring consists of an approximately 75 litre bucket, a lid for the bucket with a small service port, 9 hexagonal planter sections, a shower head with lid, 9 water pipe conduits and a water pump with hose and connectors. Your starter kit also includes all the neccessary liquid nutrients and a seedling kit with a small selection of seeds.

You'll need to find an ideal spot around the house to accommodate your Aerospring - preferably a balcony, terrace or a sunny spot in your house with access to an electrical outlet.


It only occupies less than a square metre of space. Try to avoid a space that is exposed to full sun throughout the day. A few hours of full sun with some shade throughout the day or partial sun is ideal.

Assemble the modules

Once you've found an area around the house to set up your Aerospring, begin by mounting and securing one of the hexagonal planter sections to the base to the lid with two screws. Thread and connect the first water pipe conduit to the base planter, then start building the sections by inserting one hexagonal module into the other followed by threading in another water pipe conduit.


Finish the assembly by affixing the shower head and lid as well as clicking in the water pump hose to the water conduit connector on the underside of the bucket lid. 


Fill the bucket with water to the fill line.


Place seedling cups into the individual grow sites of the Aerospring, making sure that any visible roots are placed into the pods of the hexagonal chamber. 


Plug the water pump into an electrical outlet and switch your Aerospring on!

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Once set up, your Aerospring garden maintenance routine should take no more than 5 minutes a day. Leave the pump on 24/7 - Water constantly flows through the system and hydrates the roots even on hot days. A timer can be employed to turn the water pump on and off every 15 minutes if located on more sheltered but sunny balconies. You'll need to top water up only if your plants drink a lot of water and trim any wilting leaves & foliage from your garden. Regular pest control by spraying your garden with horticultural soap sprays will keep nasty bugs away. Your monthly maintenance includes emptying the water in the bucket (you can use the water to fertilise some of your soil plants), refilling it with fresh water and re-dosing the nutrients.


Finally, you'll need to grow some plants. The starter seedling kit contains 5 organic varieties of herb & vegetable seeds, rockwool cubes and vermiculite. Some seeds will emerge within days, others require a little more time. For those who want to skip the entire seedling process, we offer young plants for sale so that you can enjoy your first harvest sooner!

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Our liquid nutrients are specially developed for hydroponic and aeroponic vegetable farming in tropical environments. Different formulations of liquid nutrients are required for herbs & fruiting vegetables and other essential amino acids and micronutrients will compliment the health of your garden.


Developed by German experts in agricultural plant nutrition, Aerospring Gardens' HexGrow nutrients from Compo are a minerals based nutrient solution specifically designed to promote the growth of all types of food and flowering crops in the tropics.


Remember pollination and germination from science class? You'll also need to brush up on some gardening 101 to ensure any fruiting plants produce a bountiful crop!

Hydroponic, Tomatoes, Basil, Vertical Garden, Urban Gardening, Hydroponic Tomatoes